The route map of chmrails.

chmrails (or chmrail) is the mass transit railway service in TheDawnCity. It got 4 lines in total. 


It covers Spawn, Dandelion and part of the Glory District.


Bold is Interchange stationEdit

Italic is terminusEdit

Underlined is important stationEdit

chmrail ( CHMR)Edit

SpawnMushroom House - Dawson Ave - Park Lane - Tunnel - Snow Express - Snowland

Middle LineEdit

City Resort Spawn - City Hall - Middle Glory

Greenland LineEdit

SpawnCity ResortPond Crescent

Dandelion LineEdit

Pond Crescent - Greenland Park - Landmark


Rose SkylineEdit

Rose skyline connects Mushroom House and Rose. 

Glory CircularEdit

Glory Circular is mainly for residents in Glory District to interchange with Middle Line at Middle Glory Station.

Middle Glory - Stadium - Pond - Apartment North - Tunneltop - Highways - Greenfields - South Fields - Middle Glory

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